Halloween in Italia: la festa delle zucche e dei fantasmi conquista sempre più appassionati

Halloween in Italy: the festival of pumpkins and ghosts is conquering more and more fans

The Halloween festival, which is celebrated on October 31st each year, is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that in recent years has been gaining more and more fans in Italy too.

In the past, Halloween was an uncommon holiday in Italy, but in recent years there has been a significant increase in its popularity. This increase is due to several factors, including globalization, the spread of media and the influence of American culture.

The diffusion of the media

The spread of the media, in particular films, TV series and video games, has contributed to spreading awareness of Halloween in Italy. Many films and TV series set in America, such as "Scooby-Doo", "Halloween" and "Stranger Things", have contributed to making Halloween a popular holiday in Italy too.

The influence of American culture

The influence of American culture is another factor that contributed to the spread of Halloween in Italy. American culture is increasingly present in our country, and this has led to the spread of new traditions and holidays, including Halloween.

The globalization

Globalization has helped spread Halloween around the world. The holiday is now celebrated in many countries, even in those that do not have a historical tradition in this sense.

How Halloween is celebrated in Italy

In Italy, Halloween is celebrated mainly by children and young people. The most common activities are:

  • Cut pumpkins and make them into lanterns
  • Dressing up as monsters and ghosts
  • Go trick or treating

In some Italian cities, Halloween-themed events and parties are also organised.

The future of Halloween in Italy

It is likely that the popularity of Halloween will continue to grow in Italy too. The festival is now a fixed event for many Italians, and it is expected that it will continue to win over more and more fans.

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