Il creatore di The Office sta creando un reboot della serie

The creator of The Office is creating a reboot of the series

Greg Daniels, creator of the sitcom The Office, is working on a reboot of the series for Netflix. The reboot will be set in the same Scranton, Pennsylvania office, but with a completely new cast.

Daniels said that the reboot will be "a new beginning" for the series, but that it will maintain the same original spirit. The original series was a worldwide success, winning several Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

The Office reboot is still in development and a release date has not been announced.

More details on the reboot

In an interview with Variety, Daniels said that the reboot will be set in the same office in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but that the story will be completely new. The cast will be made up of unknown actors, who will be chosen through a global casting.

Daniels also said that the reboot will be "a little more contemporary" than the original series. The original series was set in the 2000s, but the reboot will be set in the present.

The reaction of the fans

News of The Office reboot has generated a mixture of excitement and concern among fans of the original series. Some fans are excited to see a new version of the series, while others are worried that the reboot will ruin memories of the original series.

Only time will tell if The Office reboot will be a success. However, it's clear that the series is still very popular with audiences, and the reboot has the potential to be another hit for Netflix

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